Deadpool: The Ones with Deadpool

Deadpool: The Ones with Deadpool

And Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, mad minds behind The Thrilling Adventure Hour, reveal the Secret of the White Caption Boxes as Deadpool takes on Madcap - with unexpected results. Finally, Deadpool helps out Spider-Man by donning his webs - but why doesnt Spidey seem to appreciate it. When WaterWorld hires Deadpool to protect their theme park, he winds up face-to-snout with Brute Force: Protectors of the Environment (look em up!) in a story written by Nick Giovannetti and star of The League and NTSF:SD:SUV Paul Scheer. Then, mysterious foes try to steal Wolverines DNA to clone him - but Logans old pals Deadpool and Steve Rogers are on the case.

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