Daniel Dempsey Hard Work, Low Pay, Miserable Conditions

Daniel Dempsey Hard Work, Low Pay, Miserable Conditions

Via a one-year commitment to entry-level PSCW, programs such as the state of Californias Conservation Corps (CCC) facilitate significant gains in self-worth and professional growth for this under-skilled and under-served age cohort. longitudinal) employment trends, pursuit of a formal degree, and growth in personal commitment to environmental stewardship and community wellness by California... At the time when young adults are receptive to making successful transitions from secondary education into the adult world of employment, I argue significant benefits can accrue to those taking jobs in public service conservation work (PSCW) programs? The study’s objectives measure and evaluate long-term (i.e. PSCW programs have the capacity to instill in the nascent worker appreciation for the values and rewards of professional service while establishing an understanding of and a commitment to academic advance, environmentalism, and the causative efforts that support and strengthen communities.

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