Sanghmitra S Acharya Young People and HIV/AIDS-

Sanghmitra S Acharya Young People and HIV/AIDS-

However, strength of their medium can be well used in creating awareness and dispelling myths regarding HIV/AIDS. Cinema is a strong medium of influence and can therefore, be used for the most contextual concern of today- the HIV/AIDS. Workplace and societal discrimiantion is effectively projected in the other two films.Film- makers are not crusader for the fight against HIV/AIDS! One of the films “Tiya…” reflects the plight of HIV/AIDS in India. Issues dealt in these films range from the plight of farmers to independence struggle;and social discrimination. Films made with socially relevant themes have become epitome in relfecting literary realism in Hindi Cinema. “Tiya...” communicates this effortlessly yet strongly. They are being discriminated in schools. The policymakers need to initiate immediate action to prevent HIV/AIDS in children from being discriminated.Efforts to protect them from discrimination and exploitation are urgent.

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    Кто, если даже в правительственных заведениях, думах и законодательных собраниях чаще, чем в жестокой бане в чеховские времена, встречаются до пустошки знакомые скандальные лица. Но других проектов в стране просто.

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