Pedro Gomes Ubiquitous Indoor Geo-Location in Wireless Networks

Pedro Gomes Ubiquitous Indoor Geo-Location in Wireless Networks

For normal day-to-day usage outdoor systems have a matured and integrated usage, from destination guidance to social media applications status updates, all can use the current positioning systems to enhance its services. For inside systems the same does not happen, there is a clear gap in the applicability and usage of positioning systems for indoor locations? This book aims to address that gap, that opportunity, and discusses an ubiquitous Indoor Positioning system (IPS) solution by studying the technologies, systems, techniques and algorithms used in current locations systems. Positioning systems are an established need in the current world. It proposes and implements a platform for indoor positioning that locates clients using available wireless networks and a mix of techniques, the Nearest Neighbors and Trilateration. Using... The ability to identify the position of a given object in a given context is a common service in our fast-paced, online and always-connected global community.

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