Essam Shaalan Mosquito Control

Essam Shaalan Mosquito Control

The book presents results of susceptibility of Culex annulirostris and Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to 11 plant extracts, fenitrothion and lambda-cyhalothrin insecticides; influence of sublethal concentrations of both insecticides and botanicals on the development of these mosquitoes; predation capacity of a couple of predaceous insects and factors influencing their capacity and integrating control of both mosquitoes by using of binary mixtures of phytochemicals with or without synthetic insecticides. Results of the present book should help shed some light on these... This book provides information on success of some alternatives for controlling a couple of important mosquito vectors. Mosquitoes are important blood sucking arthropods that transmitting serious diseases. Due to health and environmental problems of synthetic insecticides used in their control, attention has been directed to another more eco-friendly alternatives such as botanical derivatives and biological control agents.

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