Ashish Kumar Rai and Rohit Raj Singh Arthritis

Ashish Kumar Rai and Rohit Raj Singh Arthritis

Arthritis is a disease in which there is inflammation of one/more joints , which results in pain,swelling , stiffness and limited movement ,redness,warmth around the joint.Rheumatoid arthritis comes under the category of autoimmune disease and various genes and corresponding proteins seem to cause the disease on mutation and altered/increased function of basically degrading cartilage,collagens,laminin,fibronectin etc. In this book, an effort has been made to analyze and detect the mutationally hot spot region (specific amino acid –asparagine ;position-465)in the overlapping region from domain,binding site and disorder regions of the MMP1 protein(chosen after analyzing the roles and functions of the entire MMP family) by using various tools and softwares and to thus target and inhibit the same by docking suitable compound (searched and optimized) via in Silico drug design approach(Structure based) thus helping in the cure of Arthritis.

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