Clever Maputseni Disaster Risk Management Perspectives

Clever Maputseni Disaster Risk Management Perspectives

Today, the pastoralists in Gode Zone, like elsewhere in the Horn of Africa region suffer restrictions on their mobility and markets largely because of the geopolitical dynamics of the world. This research interrogates disaster risk management perspectives and implications associated with sedentarization of pastoralists in Gode Zone (province) of the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia (Somali Region). The most tempting solution to that development problem among most governments is to settle the pastoralists and turn... Gode Zone hosts a significant population of pastoralists. Instead, they somehow see pastoralism as a development problem that needs to be addressed. Governments do not seem to see the impact of their restrictions on pastoralists? Pastoralism goes down in history as a strategy to mitigate climate variability and arid environments. The research finds out that sedentarization could be worth pursuing as a mitigation measure but not necessarily as a replacement for pastoralism.

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