Stefano Maggi Australias Media Industry: The voice of many

Stefano Maggi Australias Media Industry: The voice of many

Although I could notice a strong cultural diversity during my first days in Australia, I understood the real extent of Australian multiculturalism only when I entered SBS offices. Furthermore, such experience fueled my curiosity to find out how multiculturalism can be so... At first, I thought that I would have worked for a niche media. However, it took only minutes, after I reached the SBS headquarter at Federation Square - in the very center of Melbourne – to realize that I was wrong. I liked such environment straight from the beginning and it kept fascinating me every day more and more. Specifically, I had contributed to the production of the radio program broadcasted daily in Italian language. In fact, it was the first time I could see so many people with different origins and speaking so many different languages working together. From June to August 2011, I had the extraordinary opportunity to undertake an Internship at SBS, one of the two Australian public national networks.

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  1. asergei58

    поживём - увидим

  2. almat_11

    Супер просто супер

  3. atze_andre

    Удивительно! С одной стороны фантазия современных блогеров выходт за рамки всяких пределов, но в тоже время, все больше и больше затягивает это все. Уже и дня прожить не могу, чтобы не посетить своих друзей по блогингу. Вас, например! ;)

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